had I not been brought up by such wonderful parents, I am quite sure I should have gone from bad to worse and probably ended up by losing my soul. But Jesus was watching over His little bride and drew good even out of her faults, for as they were corrected very early, they helped her to grow more and more perfect…

– St. Thérèse of Lisieux, ‘Story of a Soul’, Chapter 1 

How thankful I am for our TPE!

I’m am so grateful to my husband for correcting my faults and nurturing me into the submissive he wants me to be. So grateful that he allows God to use him to nurture your me.

I pray that we will both be able to continue to allow God to work through us to help correct each other’s faults and to encourage each other’s growth.

I saw that one could be a Saint in varying degrees, for we are free to respond to Our Lord’s invitation by doing much or little in our love to Him; to choose, that is, among the sacrifices He asks… I choose everything my God, I do not want to be a Saint by halves, I am not afraid to suffer for Your sake; I only fear doing my own will, so I give it to You and choose everything You will. 

– St. Thérèse of Lisieux, ‘Story of a Soul’, Chapter 1 

I am afraid to suffer. I am afraid of suffering. But I do also fear doing my own will, so I give it to You, Lord, and I want to choose everything You will.

I know that the Lord will help me through suffering. Being afraid of it is something to acknowledge but I offer up that fear to God, I know He knows what to do with it. Feelings are not important, the act of the will is. If I get wet in the storm of feelings it matters little, because I can dry in the sunshine of Love after the storm has passed.