Today is the feast of the epiphany of the Lord. Mass at my local parish was said in a solemn and reverent way. The way Holy Mass was said, the readings, the priest’s homily, and the writings of St. John Chrysostom that was featured in today’s parish bulletin really touched my heart and instilled a greater desire for expressing reverence towards my Lord and all things holy.

I find that I want to express the life of my soul physically through symbols, hymns, postures, prayers, etc. One example is wanting to veil during Holy Mass because of an increasing sense of awe and reverence for the Real Presence of my Lord Jesus Christ in the blessed Sacrament.

Likewise, what I do with my body affects the life of my soul. For instance, if I pray kneeling down I feel a deeper sense of reverence than if I prayed while lying on my back.

Today, because of an increasing desire for reverence for my Lord, I want to start addressing the Lord in my silent prayers with royal titles like ‘my Lord’ and ‘Your Majesty’. Since my soul recognises that He is King, I feel compelled to address Him as such.