Today my husband and I attended a beautiful talk on parenting. Many useful and beneficial things were presented. What struck me the most is the idea that the 4 cardinal virtues of temperance, fortitude, prudence and justice are not abstract ideas of the past but very concrete guiding values in life. The speaker asserts that if we can pass these 4 cardinal virtues on to our children then they will have a strong foundation for their progress in holiness, which is the primary purpose in life.

The way that the speaker explained what the 4 cardinal virtues meant was so easy to understand that I really gravitated towards it and have been thinking a lot of it.

To have temperance is to appropriately manage the desire for pleasure. To have fortitude is to appropriately manage fear. To be prudent is to love what should be loved. To be just is to act according to the demand of love.

I have been struggling a lot with these 4 cardinal virtues. One of the reasons is because I didn’t really know what they meant even though I knew that they were really important things. Now that I have a better understanding of them, I think I have more concrete goals to work towards.