It’s been a couple weeks/months since I started dressing modestly and since I started veiling during Holy Mass.

Since then, I have grown to recognize that I feel safer when I dress modestly. Not only this, I have begun to grow in respect of my own private and intimate sphere and have started to guard this in the way I speak, act, and dress. I have noticed that I am learning more and more how precious I am as a human being and also how precious all human beings are in the eyes of God. I begin to approach others with more respect and reverence.

That dressing modestly and veiling during Mass has such profound effects on my perception of myself and perception of others is so unexpected to me.

The message that I am really starting to understand more and more is that just as sacred things during Mass are veiled (eg. the tabernacle veils the consecrated hosts), every human being who were, are and will be loved into existence by God should be veiled as well not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually.