I have walked this earth for 22 years.

While I was born a Catholic, I didn’t know how to really submit to God until a few months ago. When I finally chose to try to submit to God, my life has changed in ways beyond my imagination. The change is rapid and radical but more importantly consistent and progressive.

I have also been married for about a year now (after dating for 6 years) to my dear husband who has been on this earth 4 years longer than I have. As Catholics we believe that the sacrament of marriage is our vocation in life and is sanctifying! As a priest said to us once, “the name to the road to heaven and becoming a saint is the name of your husband/wife”. The goal of our marriage is to get each other and our future children to heaven.

We choose to live out our marriage as a total power exchange read in the context of Ephesians 5:21-33,  and with our goal in the forefront of our minds.

So now, in every moment I choose to be…






 one flesh.png