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I have found that when I am having a discussion/debate about something that matters, I have a habit of not making sure that I am on the same page as the person I’m talking to.

I listen to what they say with my mind and my heart and draw my understanding of what they are trying to say to be from this. But I don’t go the extra mile to paraphrase it back to them to make sure that we are both on the same page before we progress in our discussion. And I really should be doing this. My husband has been correcting me over the past few days to do this and it has really brought this to the forefront of my mind.

Why I do need to do this is because I often find myself not accurately understanding what my husband means when he tries to explain his point of view to me. He has a unique way of expressing himself. It is very different to how I express myself and therein lies the great potential for me to misunderstand him.

Well fortunately the solution is relatively simple so it’s no big deal 🙂

On another note, I have been growing more and more aware of how my understanding of the world has been radically and rapidly changing over the past few months.

The reason for this is simple but perhaps difficult to understand unless you’ve gone through a similar thing as well; over the past few months I have been allowing the Lord to shape my soul to a greater extent than ever before in my life. I experience and therefore understand what St. Therese the Little Flower meant when she said “The nearer one gets to God, the simpler one becomes”. Things (mainly how I and others in the world behave) that previously confused me are now so simply understood.

I have also realised that the closer to grow to God, the closer I grow to my husband (who has God close to his heart). I have been able to understand my husband more and more over the past few months because God has been drawing me closer to His most Sacred Heart. In a very similar way, the closer my husband grows towards God, the more he understands me. We are on the same page more often now than we ever have been before because we are closer to God now than ever before in our lives.

Also, I have grown to realise more and more that the more united I am with my Lord Jesus, the less others understand me (unless they have been where I am spiritually). I feel a growing sense of being hidden in Jesus. Fewer and fewer people can understand me to a great extent now. I used to feel quite lonely because of this, but now I rejoice in it because of the increased intimacy I now have with God and my husband, who understand me the most.

If my Blessed Mother Mary and Saint Therese wanted to be hidden in Jesus, I too want to be hidden so that only my Lord and the people He grants the privilege of understanding my soul will be able to comprehend it.